The internet can be a great place, it's where families connect, friendships reconnect and friendships are formed. It's where parents of children who have rare syndromes and disabilities can find understanding and compassion by others that are facing similar situations to themselves. It is hard enough to parent a child with a disability in the [...]

The beginning of danger!

We didn't realise that by giving him the middle name of "Danger", just what we were instore for.  It seemed that his fate was written in the stars, before we even knew it! It was September 2011 and I had given birth via emergency C-section at 3am.  I also didn't realise how poignot 3am a [...]

A book?!

A book?!  But I don't even read books, how can I write a book, where will I find the time? Will anyone what to even read it? Apart from the slight anxiety I feel from the above - I do have another new chapter! Our Secret Sex Life.  The end.   It will be a [...]

It is time for a change!

it is time for a change - just because we love change and are very good at it 🙂 Loving Danger was a name that I chose with the lead up to Mikey's surgery.  Now that we are on the other side of his surgery, I feel that now it's time to change the site [...]

It could be worse.

Four words most parents of children with disabilities get fed up of hearing. With every right, too. 'It could be worse' Who decides for us what is enough, what we need and what we should be grateful for? I only had to prove in the past 7 years, repeating myself over and over again, that [...]