Jordan Carroll – The Paralympic Dream! – June Update

jordan's scar - CopyThank you everyone for following Jordan’s story via his FB page, his Go Fund Me page or via this page.  A big thanks to all that donated $5 in the ‘whip around’ a few weeks ago – every dollar is used towards Jordan’s dream of reaching the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics.  Jordan’s Journey and the Paralympic Dream

With further donations coming in, his Go Fund Me page has now reached over $7,000!  Jordan’s Go Fund Me Page

For those who don’t know, Jordan has been battling a brain tumour, which is causing him to go blind, since his childhood.  Jordan recently celebrated his 20th birthday, with some great news that the tumour has shrunk considerably, a first in the 8 years in which he has been battling it.  I have put this pic up of his scar to show just how very brave these kids are that go through these types of procedures. Jordan also has a brother, who has supported him greatly.  (The siblings are very much the unsung heroes who show bravery in this world.  I know Mikey’s sisters are in this too, they may still fight like siblings do, but they have a love and respect for each other which is quite amazing to watch at times, when they’re not fighting, of course!).

We are still working on sourcing some big donations from companies as Jordan’s page is now with Sunshine Butterflies – a South East Qld registered Charity.  If anyone has contacts, please email me or go across to Jordan’s page and contact the family direct.

There will be a fundraising concert on 24 September at Greenbanks RSL for everyone to attend.  As soon as we have more details, I will share so you can secure your tickets! 

Please read more of Jordan’s travels here.  If you haven’t had chance yet, have a look at his page – it is pretty amazing!!
click here:  Jordan’s Journey and the Paralympic Dream


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