Days like these

Days like these, like the one pictured here, is a sublime day.  Full of fun, laughter and not a care in the world.  It is so refreshing when it's an 'easy' day for Mikey. When it's an easy day for Mikey, it's an easy day for the family. On this day, it was a beautiful [...]


This term through our local Riding for the Disabled school, Mr Danger has been very fortunate to be asked to be part of the InStep Program. It's the therapy used for Hippotherapy, the training he does with Snip, his horse, every Saturday morning. We have found that most things can't keep Mikey away from his horse [...]

Team HHE

Never think that just a few people can't make change.... they can! Through sharing our story, we now have a small community of Support for our children living with HHE Syndrome. Thankyou @sourcekidsmagazine for raising the awareness 💜 Head over to Source Kids for latest updates 👍

Are you ready…. to do the Bus Stop?! **This post is dedicated to Poppy Pring – the Bus Driver!

My dad, Danger's Poppy, was many things to many people.  One of those, was a bus driver to students - International students, high school and primary school students.  He drove from the Gold Coast to Brisbane, and all the surrounding areas.  He turned up the kids' music when they asked 'hey Mr Bus Driver, turn [...]

I’m an over-sharer!

I'm an over-sharer!  Yeah-yeah what a surprise, you say.  Splashing it all over social media.  Who the hell cares? I certainly don't..! People are so overloaded with their 'feeds' and I know if I don't want to get into something, I keep scrolling. However, the benefit of sharing in social media is that it may [...]